The Pilates method develops the body in a balanced way working on core strength, flexibility and awareness to promote efficient and graceful movement.


Pilates is a gentle and thorough workout for the body and suitable for a wide range of people from first time exercisers to anyone who plays sport, looking to enhance performance and minimise risk of injury.  


Other specific benefits of Pilates include:


  • helping with aches and pains by encouraging muscles to work effectively and in balance

  • working on muscle tone, muscle strength and flexibility

  • improving strength of the body’s core muscles (including abdominals)

  • improving balance and stability through the body

  • teaching you how your body works, leading to increased body awareness and better posture

  • focusing the mind and body


Basic Principles of Pilates


The basic principles of the Pilates method are:


  • Alignment

  • Breathing

  • Centring


along with co-ordination, flowing movements, stamina, relaxation and concentration.


What is Pilates?