'I really enjoy learning about Pilates in such a welcoming and supportive environment. I feel that you tailor the class to the needs of each individual. I am learning so much about how my body works, my posture, and those muscles in my body I under or over use. I always leave the class with a spring in my step ready to face the challenges of the day!' Jo

'After having back pain for years and too scared to try a class on my own. I went along to one of Louise 's classes and never looked back. She makes the classes relaxed and welcomes everyone no matter their ability.'  Charlotte

'Classes are a great workout from top to toe, but fun at the same time and the small size of the class means that we can have individual attention and correction. My posture has dramatically improved and I'm just more aware of my body in general. I always feel 6 feet tall when I leave to go home & I'd recommend it to anyone!'  Ingrid

'Louise's instructions/descriptions are so clear it was really simple to follow the positions. I found the sessions so relaxing and yet I felt so invigorated at the end. I also felt the physical results very quickly which was a pleasant surprise! I had never done Pilates before but now absolutely love it and plan to do it further beyond postnatal classes. Thank you Louise!' Susie