Mother and Baby Postnatal Classes


Doing Pilates is a good way of strengthening and rebalancing the body after pregnancy and childbirth.  It can help you deal with the daily demands of feeding and carrying your baby.   It is a gentle form of exercise, so very appropriate for the postnatal period and good as preparation for perhaps moving on to more intense forms of exercise a little later on.




The postnatal Pilates class focuses on:


·          Strengthening the deep abdominals

·          Improving pelvic and spinal stability

·          Mobilising and strengthening upper back, neck and shoulders

·          Encouraging diastasis recti recovery

·          Working the pelvic floor

·          Improving posture

·          Promoting a feeling of well-being and relaxation




While you exercise, your baby can lie by your side or sit in the car seat or pram.  The class is relaxed and informal, if you need to break off to comfort or feed your child, that’s absolutely fine (I have had 3 babies myself so know what it is like!).  The class is suitable from your baby being newborn up until your baby is about to crawl.  Babies are the mother’s responsibility throughout the class.  

'It was great to do some exercise and I really feel that the class has helped since my pregnancy to return my body back to how it was and to get muscles working again.

It also helped me feel better about myself. I'd definitely recommend the class to new mums'  Janet 



'It was great to get out and about and classes were fun & relaxed'  Charlotte 

Before starting the class, you must have had your 6 week check (natural delivery) or 12 week check (caesarean delivery) and be cleared to start exercise. 

Postnatal Pilates is not currently run as a regular group class, but rather if you have a group of you that would like to exercise together, sessions can be arranged privately at a time that suits the group.  A course usually runs for 4 weeks, cost is £40 each for the block (based on 5 participants).   

If a group of you are interested in doing a course, please call or email me (see Contact) for more details.    


If you have any of the following symptoms it is advisable not to exercise and consult your GP:  bleeding (other than menstruation), abdominal pain, mastitis, faint, dizzy spells, severe headaches, temperature.